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The Edu Pathways Group (EPS) is a group of Australia-based education related businesses that provide our clients with pathways to


  • education
  • employment
  • immigration


The Edu Pathways Group consists of: EPS Education Consulting/ EPS Migration/ EPS Media.


EPS was established by a group of professionals with years of experience in education and training, career services and migration services. These professionals come from different cultural and industry background and combine the experience of over 20 years in their own relevant field. They are here to serve the needs of our clients to achieve their goals in education, career and life.


EPS targets both the onshore and offshore markets, and owns or partners with businesses that are committed to providing quality services in education, employment and immigration. Clients can remain with EPS from choosing courses and course providers – to lodging visa application – to seeking employment advice and opportunities – and to settling down in Australia.


The modern spacious head office of EPS is conveniently located at the corner of Swanston St and Lonsdale St in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD in Australia. EPS also has branch or partner offices in China, Malaysia, Cambodia, India and Vietnam.


Excellent, Professional Service is Our Name.

Our purpose: with professional services, boosting a wonderful life for you.



Our team has many senior and experienced professionals. All Members have different backgrounds and experiences, which means we can help our customers achieving their goals to the greatest extent. Team members always have one thing in mind: providing service in the best interest of customers. From the early stage of consultation to understand customers’ background to the next stage of developing preliminary planning and make analysis of application process, our team members will do a case by case plan to meet customers’ needs and backgrounds. In the next stage, we will collect all the documents required from customers and submit the application and supporting documents as soon as possible. We will notify customers at the first time if there is any updates and make a clear analysis for the next step.



Lawrence Liang

Operations Manager


Phone: +61 4 29008887



Wendy Zhang

Education Planner


Phone: +61 4 3224 7653



Emily Qiao

Education Planner


Phone: +61 4 1415 0656



LianBo Yang

ShuYan Li

Marketing Manager


Phone: +86 25 83598122



Senior Consultant


Phone: +86 25 83598122





Melbourne Team

Nanjing Team



地址: Level 2, 253 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

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电话 : +61 3 9663 8813 / 9663 9149 / 9663 4214

传真 : +61 3 9663 0616


EPS Group

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Address : Level 2, 253 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

E-mail :

Phone : +61 3 9663 8813 / 9663 9149 / 9663 4214

Fax : +61 3 9663 0616

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